12th & Vine (Walnut / Poplar / Walnut)

Finish: Natural


22“ x 14" Bass Drum 

13“ x 9" Rack Tom w/ wood hoops

16“ x 16" Floor Tom w/ wood hoops 

14“ x 6.5" Snare Drum

Villagers is an Irish indie folk band from Dublin, created in 2008. They released their EP, The Sunday Walker last year.
The Function Hub was created by Gwion Llewelyn,  who has worked in the music industry as a performer and promoter for over fifteen years.

Having experienced the ups and downs of working as a full time musician, Gwion was determined to create a hub where he could secure regular, fair paid work for talented musicians based in North Wales while also offering incredible entertainment to weddings and functions across the UK.

Gwion has played at many of the world's leading festivals and venues. He has performed with Paul Weller, Ivor Novello, and New Zealander, Aldous Harding.

"I first began playing drums when I was 8 years old, thrashing out a mini Percussion Plus kit that I’d gotten for Christmas. I quickly became obsessed with vintage kits when I joined my first band, Race Horses. We toured quite a lot over a period of 4 years and released two albums. During that time, I came across a few 50’s and 60’s Slingerland and Rogers kits. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a 70’s Rogers Kit that I still have today. I absolutely love it but unfortunately, it’s seen better days. In late 2014, I started touring with Villagers, releasing the live album, Where Have You Been All My Life."

On C & C:

“I’ve played a few C&C kits by now and have absolutely fallen in love with all of them. They’ve all been sublime and I’m always amazed by how versatile they are. The vintage sound and warm tones are perfect, and I always look forward to playing them. They offer something completely unique and I can’t ever imagine myself using anything else. It’s great to be part of the family.”