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MPM Custom Kit

Finish: Sea Foam

20“ x 14" Bass Drum 
12“ x 8" Rack Tom
13“ x 8" Rack Tom
16“ x 15" Floor Tom


School of X

Reptile Youth

Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Major Lazer 

Danish born, Rasmus Littauer has had a long history of involvement in music and a heavy touring schedule during his career. Singer, songwriter, producer and musician, Rasmus calls himself School of X as a tribute to the experimental 1960s Copenhagen art collective of the same name. 

On C & C Drums:

"I asked the guys at CC to build me a clone of my Ludwig’s, construction and material-wise. And of course, as I expected, they sound even better (hard to believe;-) looks better and A LOT easier to tune. I never ever worry about my output on stage anymore and I never worry about my kit collapsing in the middle of at set. I truly love everything about this kit and company and I really hope to be part of the CC family for the rest of my days as I would never play any other drums!!! The sound, the look, the philosophy and least but not last the guys at C&C are amazing!”

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