U.S. Made, Handcrafted, Vintage Style: C & C Drums

C&C Drum Co. is a small, independent company based in Gladstone, Missouri. We are comprised of musicians and craftsmen who share a common bond, the love of music. This bond connects us to our drums and the people who play them.

We’ve never tried to be the flavor of the moment or cater to the latest whim. Our goal has always been to build something of lasting value. We are dedicated to making the best drums we possibly can—drums that will outlive us to become a legacy.


Limited Edition
 Our Process 


Being able to produce our own drum shells has given us the opportunity to create the exact sound we want out of a drum. Made from the highest quality veneer, each ply is put through a rigorous quality inspection before being glued and bent into our molds.

Bearing Edges

Our bearing edges are hand cut and hand-sanded. Possibly the most important aspect of a drum’s tone—bearing edges can transform each one of our shells in countless ways.


Eclectic, understated, and inspired by the architecture of Kansas City, our lugs are made from die cast steel and plated in the highest quality chrome. C&C Deco lugs are available in either single-ended or double-ended versions.


From high-gloss lacquers to satin stains and everything in between, the quality of our finishes is only matched by the quality of our shells. Every drum is hand-sanded and finished by our master craftsmen. Our inlays are simple, elegant, and available in a variety of choices to create something completely original.

Quality Control

After assembling the components, tuning, and testing, we do a rigorous quality control check  to make sure everything is correct. Each and every drum must meet our highest standards before it is packed and shipped to its final destination.

 Featured C & C Artists

Drummer Stephanie Bailey is an original member of the Texas-based psych rock band, The Black Angels. They have  established themselves as one of the most respected bands in Experimental and Psychedelic music, having toured with The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Warlocks, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Queens of the Stone Age, The Raveonettes, and Wolfmother.

Josh Block is an audio engineer, drummer, and producer based in Fort Worth, Texas. Famous for his work with Leon Bridges and White Denim, Josh also runs his studio, Niles Sound.

Leon Bridges and Texas-based trio Khruangbin  released a  collaborative EP, Texas Sun, in February.

​In June, Bridges and Terrace Martin released a single entitled, Sweeter.

 From The Shop 

Thanks to all of you who purchased one of our Circles for Change drums. These drums have sold out.

5 x 14" and 6.5 x 14" Aged Copper over Steel Snare

Available now at select dealers


700F NE 76TH ST 






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