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"For me, the best way to learn drums is to be in bands. Being able to play with other musicians and creating something out of nothing together is a beautiful part of my life that I will never tire of. I’ve been playing drums professionally since 2008 which has taken me to places I could only dream of in the years that followed. I’ve been playing with Metronomy since 2009 and I couldn’t wish for better band mates to share the journey with!"

On C & C:

“I’ve been working with the boys at C&C since 2008 and so far they’ve made all my wildest drum dreams come true! Being able to work closely with the talented people that build my drums is very important to me. C&C’s skills and love of drums knows no bounds and I am honored to be part of the ever growing family in Europe.”


Custom Kit
Finish: Blue/Orange/Red Tri-Band Acryl (with Concert Toms)
22” × 14" Bass Drum
13” × 9" Rack Tom
16” × 16" Floor Tom
14” × 6.5" Snare (Maple/Poplar/Maple)

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