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Player Date 
Finish: Green Glitter


20“ x 14" Bass Drum
10“ x 8“ Rack Tom (inkl. YESS-Mount) / 12“ x 8“ Rack Tom
14“ x 14" Floor Tom
14“ x 6.5" Snare Drum

Austrian drummer Bernhard Weichinger moved to the Netherlands to study Jazz-drumming at the Hilversum Conservatory. Since then, he has worked with various bands and projects all over Europe, China, India, and Nicaragua.


His newest projects are the Tommy Schneller Band, Adriano BaTolba Orchestra, The Silverettes, and many more.


On C & C:

“My C&C Kit is a timeless beautiful looking drum set with a very tasty sound, a balanced mix between ‘modern’ and ‘vintage’. Wherever I wanna go musically, it follows my claims. Easy to handle and light-weighted it is just perfect for me, in the studio or on the road… You name it.”

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