Photo By: Colleen Allison

Chris Gaylor is the drummer for Oklahoma group, All American Rejects. Their most recent album, Send Her To Heaven, was released last year.


"I always had an interest in drumming ever since I heard “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones when I was about 7.  I used to play with flyswatters and pots and pans when I was a kid and didn’t have sticks or a kit.  I played Suzuki method violin for a few years, and  lucky for me and my parents I joined school band in sixth grade and began playing snare, toms, and a drum kit after a sixth month stint on bells, xylophone, and percussion.  I mowed lawns for a long while, saved up $600, and bought a used Pearl export series for my first kit, and at 13 or 15, started playing Black Sabbath covers with a friend, and then a punk/hardcore band..."