C&C Custom Kit 
Finish: Aged Marine Pearl
24” × 14" Bass Drum

14” × 9" Rack Tom

18” × 15" Floor Tom

14” × 6.5" Snare Drum

Dennis started in several South German punk rock & hardcore bands (One Million Thoughts, 711 Mayhem, Crisis Never Ends). In 2004, he moved to Berlin in order to work at the Studio Wong. During 2012, he was the second drummer for Beatsteaks (‘Two Drummer Summer’ tour), becoming percussionist of the band since then. Dennis, also, found the one-man project ‘Freund Kern’. He has been hitting the road with C&C Drums since 2012!

On C & C:

“Amazing, absolute amazing drums!! I’ve hardly ever experienced a drum kit that is so easy to tune, if it was live or in the studio. Plus, there’s  your great advice that brought me such an outstanding setup. C&C Drums are the best!”