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Player Date Europe
Finish: Ginger Glass Glitter 
22” × 14" Bass Drum
13” × 8" Rack Tom
16” × 15" Floor Tom


Player Date Europe
Finish: Ginger Glass Glitter
20” × 14" Bass Drum
12” × 8" Rack Tom
14” × 14" Floor Tom

After graduating from Drummers’ Collective NYC,  James Mackin went on to complete an MA in Jazz performance and a PhD in Music.  James has toured in Europe and the US with various artists. Mackin has composed for TV and film and repeatedly proves his comfort in many genres as a drummer.

James Mackin released his new album, Human Condition, in October. He is Artist in Residence at An Táin Arts Centre, in Dundalk, Ireland.

“I grew up on rock, pop and electronic music. In my 20’s I became a huge fan of improvisation in general which the broad definition of jazz encompasses.”

On C & C:

“Honestly, the tuning of the drums is the one thing that gets me every time. I’ve had engineers talk about their sound. When a non-drummer asks about the drum sound it’s definitely working. And, they have that timeless, cool look to them.”

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