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C&C Drums is mourning the loss of our dear friend, Jeremiah Green, who passed away December 31st, 2022.  When we learned of his passing, we were heartbroken. He was only 45—far too soon, especially for someone with so much to offer the world in the way of music and goodness. We had heard directly from Jeremiah that he was facing cancer and we were all wishing, hoping, and praying for him…that someone, somewhere, would come forward with a cure, or in the very least, something that would grant him a few more years with us here on this planet.

Jeremiah was a good, kind, creative soul. He always had a vision for what he wanted from his drums, both in sound and appearance, and we always looked forward to any challenge he would lay at our feet—because we knew that when it was complete, it would be something truly noteworthy. Look no further than the kit he just took out on the road with him, which stands as a testimony to his artistic prowess.

Jeremiah withdrew from the Modest Mouse Lonesome Crowded West tour early in December to receive treatment. Known for his belief in positive energy, Jeremiah hoped to join the group’s South American tour in the spring.


Jeremiah’s mother posted that he went peacefully in his sleep. More information will be forthcoming, including details for a Celebration of Life for friends and fans in the coming months.

Jeremiah, Isaac Brock, and Eric Judy founded Modest Mouse in 1992. Over the years, the group expanded to six members and released eight albums. Their most recent album, The Golden Casket, was released in 2021 and is yet another musical milestone in the band’s journey.


Our heartfelt condolences go out to Jeremiah’s family, his son, Wilder, The Modest Mouse family, and all of his fans. We will all miss him immensely. 

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