John has been playing drums since he was 9 years old. Through the 90’s and up until a few years ago, he would drag vintage kits everywhere and dread the few impossible gigs, where he would have to play some monster rental kit, that either had zero tone or too much tone. When his 20” gold sparkle drum was destroyed, John called Jake at C&C. He had read on their website that they were making their own shells. When he talked to Jake about Luan Poplar Luan shells with reinforcing hoops, John decided to buy a C & C custom kit.

On C & C:

“I feel a strong connection to my drums, so if I have to do a one off and I get to play a set made by C&C it’s a real treat.”

Setup: C&C LPL Custom Kit
Finish: Black/Blue Fade Duco
22” × 12" Bass Drum
12” × 8" Rack Tom
14” × 14" Floor Tom
14” × 5.5" Snare Drum