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Maple Custom Kit 
Finish: 60’s Black Onyx
24” × 14" Bass Drum
13” × 9" Rack Tom
16” × 16" Floor Tom
14” × 7" Snare Drum (Turquoise Glitter)


Disheveled Cuss


"...Luckily I got into music at a fairly young age and fell in love with the life style. My first band was called Tygers of Wrath and we played a punk style of music infused with elements of progg and art rock which really allowed me to be creative and have lots of fun. I love rhythm and coming up with drum parts that intertwine with the other instrumentation… then again it’s also a lot of fun to play four on the floor! Throughout my career I’ve gone on to tour with such Artists as CSS (Sub-Pop, CO-OP, SQE), Garrett Klahn (Rise), Grace Mitchell (Republic), and Last Days Of April (Tapate, Bad Taste)."

On C & C:

“C&C Drums meet that same aesthetic and timbre of that which makes vintage drums so incredible. I love to look at their drums and feel the nostalgia of how old kits were once made. Every time I get to play a kit whether it’s my own or a linebacker somewhere in the world, it’s always such a comfortable feeling. Those dudes behind C&C are in it for the passion, and I am truly grateful to have such a great relationship with them and their partners in Europe and Australia.”

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