Disheveled Cuss


Maple Custom Kit 
Finish: 60’s Black Onyx
24” × 14" Bass Drum
13” × 9" Rack Tom
16” × 16" Floor Tom
14” × 7" Snare Drum (Turquoise Glitter)

JR Kurtz has played drums with numerous groups. Earlier this year, he was the drummer for the debut album Disheveled Cuss for the band of the same name.

"I grew up in a small town in the Mojave Desert of California, east of Los Angeles, where life is slow and you have nothing to do but cause problems and pursue what you love. Luckily I got into music at a fairly young age and fell in love with the life style. My first band was called Tygers of Wrath and we played a punk style of music infused with elements of progg and art rock which really allowed me to be creative and have lots of fun. I love rhythm and coming up with drum parts that intertwine with the other instrumentation… then again it’s also a lot of fun to play four on the floor! Throughout my career I’ve gone on to tour with such Artists as CSS (Sub-Pop, CO-OP, SQE), Garrett Klahn (Rise), Grace Mitchell (Republic), and Last Days Of April (Tapate, Bad Taste)."

On C & C:

“C&C Drums meet that same aesthetic and timbre of that which makes vintage drums so incredible. I love to look at their drums and feel the nostalgia of how old kits were once made. Every time I get to play a kit whether it’s my own or a linebacker somewhere in the world, it’s always such a comfortable feeling. Those dudes behind C&C are in it for the passion, and I am truly grateful to have such a great relationship with them and their partners in Europe and Australia.”