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“I have been using C&C’s for roughly 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier with the instrument and the people behind making it.
I have 3 kits, all for different situations. A Bonham-ish 24 x 14 Mahogany/Maple/Poplar 3-ply kit for that 70’s sound, a 6-ply Maple kit with a 22 x 14 bass drum for most pop/rock gigs and just recently got a beautiful Maple/Gumwood kit in jazz sizes, with a 18 x 12 bass drum. All the kits sound amazing.  Thank you C&C for making the best drums on the planet!”

(Most Common) SETUP:

C&C 6&6  Maple kit in Black Crackle Finish

22 x 14 Bass drum
13 x 9 Rack tom
14 x 14 floor tom
16 x 14 floor tom
14 x 6.5 snare drum

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