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Max Senteney

Max Senteney is best known as the drummer for Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, a high energy, country-blues band based out of Southern Indiana.


Max played many rowdy gigs at the legendary Lost Cross, widely accepted as the oldest punk house in America; there, Senteney found inspiration from local musicians and touring bands, including JEFF The Brotherhood, Jucifer, Nobunny, Nothington, Diarrhea Planet, and Tweak Bird.


Jazz, noise and experimental music has always excited Senteney just as much as punk and metal. Eventually Sad Max chose to explore music in another direction: instead of focusing only on the future of music, Senteney looked back in time to find its roots. Old-time string bands, country-blues, and traditional world music was as important as the sounds he knew in his younger days. Max began playing more folk and country influenced tunes and picking clawhammer banjo.


Ten years ago, Max became the touring guitar technician for Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. When their drummer left the group  three years later, Max became the group's full time drummer. He has recorded three studio albums and two 7 inch records with the Big Damn Band. The band tours all over the world.


Sad Max  drums for the experimental, free-improv band Healthy Realism  produces and records for Karras, an underground hip-hop group.

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