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Max Senteney

Sad Max Senteney is best known as the drummer for Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, a high energy, country-blues band based out of Southern Indiana.


Sad Max cut his teeth playing guitar, bass, and drums with countless punk and experimental groups as a teenager. Most weekends, he would perform at the basements, show-houses, and dive-bars that make up the thriving DIY music community in Southern Illinois. This included many rowdy gigs at the legendary Lost Cross, widely accepted as the oldest punk house in America; there, Senteney found inspiration from the extensive pool of talented local musicians and, also, from playing with touring bands, including JEFF The Brotherhood, Jucifer, Nobunny, Nothington, Diarrhea Planet, and Tweak Bird.


Jazz, noise and experimental music has always excited Senteney just as much as punk and metal. For a long time he made it his mission to push the boundaries of music and challenge the expectations of the listener. But eventually Sad Max chose to explore music in another direction. Instead of focusing only on the future of music, Senteney wanted to look back in time to find out where it all came from. He found the old-time string bands, country-blues history and traditional musics of the world to be just as important as the cutting edge sounds he grew up with. So Sad Max Senteney began playing more folk and country influenced tunes and picking clawhammer banjo.


In 2013 Sad Max Senteney took a job as the touring guitar technician for Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. And in 2016 when their drummer left the group, Sad Max took over full time behind the kit. He has recorded three full length studio albums and two 7 inch records with the Big Damn Band. Their most recent album, Dance Songs for Hard Times, was recorded and produced by Grammy Award winning audio engineer Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton) and it was recently nominated for a Blues Music Award by The Blues Foundation. Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band consistently tours all over the world.


Sad Max also drums for an experimental, free-improv band called Healthy Realism. Featuring guitar/bass player Alex Colombo (also known for his abstract dance music under the moniker Diamond Soul) and Saxophone player James McKain. They have released a couple self-recorded cassette tapes and they tour around the US on occasion. 


Additionally, Max Senteney produces and records for Karras, an underground hip-hop up and comer who is also from Southern Illinois.


When he isn’t busy with any of those projects, Sad Max surely has something cooking, or else, he is just at home playing music with his partner Eva Joy.

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