C&C Player Date Europe 
Finish: Natural African Mahogany 
22” × 14" Bass Drum
13” × 8" Rack Tom
16” × 15" Floor Tom





"To serve the cliché: My parents’ record collection led me to start playing the drums when I was ten years old. Early on, Jazz and improvised music caught my interest and I followed these preferences in my own playing, too. Nowadays, however, I feel more at home in song-oriented music. Since 2016, my focus has been Cologne-based indie rock band, NEUFUNDLAND; I have toured with them throughout Germany. In late 2017 we released our debut album, Wir werden niemals fertig sein (We Will Never Be Finished).


Wir Mussen Hier Raus (We Have To Get Out of Here) was released in November.

On C & C:

In my C&C-Set I found exactly the sound I was looking for. It works phenomenally in Jazz, as well as in Rock-contexts. As I am not a big fan of tuning the drums for ages, I love that the C&C-Set allows me to quickly realize the sound I am looking for – whether it be low and punchy, or open and high. Still, the sound always remains unobtrusive and fits great into the music that I play. Love it!”