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Walnut 8&8 Custom Kit

Finish: Jellybeans lacquer (unique finish

on each drum) 


26” x 16" Bass Drum

13” x 9" Rack Tom

18” x 14" Floor Tom

14” x 6.5" Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum

As an independent touring and session artist, Phil Paris works in several different musical spheres, and offers his services for individual gigs, tours, studio sessions, drum tutorials, and workshops. Phil’s expertise and professional abilities make him a sought-after musician. We urge you to look at his website to find the extensive work he's done.

On C & C:

“There is no limit to the finish you can get and these drums look great. But the most important thing is what is under the hood: The shells! And these are just outstanding. These drums are made with a long experience of craftsmanship, a deep knowledge of drum history, and a lot of heart. 
Simply said, C&C drums are extraordinary instruments, made by great people.
 My absolute favourites!”

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