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Player Date II Custom Kit
Finish: Walnut Stain
22” × 14" Bass Drum
13” × 9" Rack Tom
16” × 15" Floor Tom

On C & C:

“I strive for quality, simplicity, and reliability in the equipment I use, in order to create music that I can pride myself in. C&C Drum Co. provides handcrafted drums that more than exceed my standards and expectations in how a drum is supposed to look, feel, and sound. The emphasis on quality that is fostered and maintained at C&C is exemplified through drum shells that are produced in-house, signature lugs that are inspired by the architecture of Kansas City, hand cut and sanded bearing edges that ensure excellent tone, and a variety of high-gloss lacquers and satin stains that are applied as a beautiful finish. I am honored to be associated with a drum company that is as passionate about music as C&C. It is a privilege to play their drums, whether on stage, in the studio, or at home.”

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