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Kit I (Studio setup):
C&C Maple/Poplar/Maple Custom Kit 
Finish: Custom black/white “Pollock Static” design
22”× 14" Bass Drum
12” × 6" Rack Tom
16” × 14" Floor Tom
18” × 14"Floor Tom

Setup II (Live setup):
C&C Player Date II Custom Kit 
Finish: Ebony Oyster / Chrome (Snaredrum)
22” ×14" Bass Drum
12” × 8" Rack Tom
16” × 15" Floor Tom
14” x     Snare Drum

"...I picked up drums when I was about 15, and went on to study performance improvisation on drums at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. After many years as an improviser/session guy performing mainly jazz around Melbourne, I began touring internationally with Chet Faker in 2011 through to early 2016. Most people describe my style as linear electronic inspired groove playing. I love messing around with electronics and playing to melodies. I am currently based in Los Angeles, working as a session musician and film/TV composer."

On C & C:

“The bespoke nature and quality of craftsmanship that go into these instruments was what first attracted me to C&C, and you can hear this in the sound they produce. C&C kits have a consistently warm, rich sound, yet every instrument has it’s own unique character. When I sit behind a C&C kit, I feel inspired, commanding and confident in all performance environments.”​

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