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C&C “Franken” Kit:

22“ x 14" Maple Gum Ribbon Bass

14” × 6.5" Maple Gum Ribbon Snare

13” × 8" Coke Bottle Green Acrylic Rack Tom

16” × 15" Coke Bottle Green Acrylic Floor Tom

"When I was 21, I met Jesse Keeler and we started playing together in his hardcore band, Femme Fatale. At first, we had two drummers on stage. It was complete drum annihilation. After a couple of years, Jesse and I started writing together as Death From Above. "

On C & C:

The first time I played a C&C kit was in preparation for Death From Above 1979’s reunion shows in 2011. I borrowed the blue acrylic kit from Dave Hamelin (formerly of The Stills, currently of Eight And A Half). I used his kit for rehearsals and for the first few shows and fell in love. It wasn’t long before I called up Jacob and had him make my own acrylic kit in Coke-Bottle green. This kit slayed. It sounded huge, played incredibly, and looked so beautiful, the intersection of style and substance.

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