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Custom Maple 
Finish: Blue Satin Flame
22” × 14" Bass Drum
12” × 8" Rack Tom
16” × 16" Floor Tom
14” × 6.5" Snare Drum (Yellow Satin Flame)

On C & C:

“I was first introduced to C&C drums by Tyler from The Head & The Heart. After hearing him soundcheck the drums, I was blown away by the sound and vintage look of the drums and had to find out what he was using. Tyler was super nice and intro-ed me to David at C&C and he was so accommodating and made me a custom kit to my exact specifications. Everyone at C&C is so helpful and always sort me great kits when I’m on tour in the US. C&C are the warmest, most musical drums I’ve ever heard and record like a dream; every recording with these drums comes out with the sound I have always searched for, that elusive perfect drum sound! Not only do they sound fat, but they look sexy as hell, no other drums come close.”

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