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Kit: C&C Maple Custom Kit
Finish: Matte Black
24” × 20 Kickdrum
13” × 9 Rack Tom
16” × 16 Floor Tom
18” × 16 Floor Tom
14” × 6.5 Snare Drum
14” × 6.5 Snare Drum w/ Silver Stripe

Tommy started touring in Europe when he was 15. As a member of Silver, he toured Europe, Japan, USA, and Scandinavia with over 1000 shows. Joining Serena Maneesh, Tommy toured with bands like Nine Inch Nails, The Dandy Warhols, Oasis, and many others. He joined Turbonegro in 2011. Tommy, also, is running a studio in Oslo, where he records, produces, and mixes records.

On C & C:

“They are the best drums I ever tried. A lot of it has to do that they really build them with heart and soul like in the 70s. And the guys working in the company are amazing. I love the way I can ask for a kit that sounds like rocky and loud and please make them look nice. I get back exactly what I was hoping to get. The sound from the wood is great for live and recording. C&C Drums are amazing!”

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