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Kit 1:
C&C Acrylic Custom Kit
Finish: Coke Bottle Green finish
22“ x 14" Bass Drum
13“ x 9" Rack Tom
16“ x 15" Floor Tom

Kit 2:
C&C MPM Custom Kit
Finish: Mahogany Stain
22“ x 14" Bass Drum
13“ x 8" Rack Tom w/ wood hoops
16“ x 14" Floor Tom

C&C Snares
14“ x 8" Luan/Blue Oyster Pearl
15“ x 5.5" Maple/Black Oyster Pearl
14“ x 6" Maple/White Marine Pearl
14“ x 5" Black Brass

“I’ve been drumming since I was 9, playing in different neighborhood bands throughout my school years. It wasn’t until 2009, when I moved to Seattle to help start The Head and The Heart, that I found my style – in service of the songs my friends were making, using the drum kit as a percussive backdrop.”

On C & C:

“C&C drums compliment the way I like to play perfectly. The shells they make using traditional techniques are super versatile, which helps out with loud/soft dynamics that I like to use. Even my acrylic kit is warm and punchy, never overbearing. Not only do they make beautiful stuff but they’re awesome people as well. Whether it’s a tour of the shop, coming out to shows or having a drink at the bar after, they’re always a good hang.”

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