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Player Date II
Finish: Aged Marine Pearl
24” × 14" Bass Drum
14” × 10" Rack Tom
18” × 15" Floor Tom 
14” × 6.5" Snare Drum

Will Noon currently is with the band, Mourners. He has played with a variety of bands, including the indie group, FUN. He, also, developed a solo project called Cuddle.

On C & C:

“Bill at C&C is the one person who sticks out in my mind who I’ve been able to talk drums with and really get into it. Everyone nerds out over this and that, but Bill has seen all these old Ludwig drums that we’ve all just read about. When I talk about a full dress finish, he gets it. And if I have some new ideas for beds or edges, he’s open to that, too. He understands and respects the history of drums, but at the same time writing the future.”

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